tuxgmail - Mail Server Service

With our extensive experience in messaging systems on Linux/Unix operating systems, we can offer an elegant and affordable mail service called tuxgmail. We offer this service currently on any Red Hat or Red Hat - derived Linux distribution.

What we need from you:

  • A server with required hardware to meet your requirements (as recommended by us).
  • Two network cards.
  • Internet connection (with static IP recommended).
  • UPS backup for server.

What we do:

  • Fresh installation of the operating system
  • Disabling unnecessary services
  • Configure the firewall with necessary rules
  • Measures to improve the security further
  • Install our scripts to manage the service
  • Set up access restrictions as required
  • Configuration checks and handover
  • Train two of your employees
  • Provide the user documentation

What you get:

A Linux/Unix Mail Server fully customized and fine-tuned for your infrastructure requirements, that provides:

  • Spam-filtering
  • Virus infected mail blocking
  • Log Monitoring
  • Spam Mail Reports
  • System Health Reports



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