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tuxgproxy - Proxy Server Service

With our extensive experience setting up and managing proxy servers using Squid on Linux or Unix operating environments, we can offer an elegant and affordable proxy configuration service called tuxgproxy. We offer this service currently on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS.

What we need from you:
  • A server with required hardware to meet your requirements (as suggested by us)
  • Two network cards
  • UPS backup for server
What we do:
  • Fresh installation of the operating system
  • Disabling unnecessary services
  • Configre the firewall with necessary rules
  • Measures to improve the security further
  • Install our programs to manage the service
  • Set up access restrictions as required
  • Set up blocking of virus-infected files
  • Configuration checks and handover
  • Train two of your employees
  • Provide the documentation
What you get:
A Linux proxy server fully customized and fine-tuned for your infrastructure, that provides:
  • Faster browsing of web sites
  • Access Restrictions based on destination web sites, connect time, originating system's IP address or MAC address (and many more)
  • Denial of access to virus-infected files
  • Restricted internet messaging (chatting)
  • Bandwidth Control
  • Log Monitoring
  • Proxy Usage Reports
  • System Health Reports
  • Menu-based interface



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