Google! AdWords Campaign Management

We can market your websites using Google! AdWords Pay-per-Click Campaign which shows your Ads to prospective clients and makes them notice your business immediately. Using AdWords, your advertisement would be shown online on Google! web sites and their partner sites. It is considered one of the best PPC programs which helps you in kickstarting your online marketing efforts.

When you search for something using Google Search Engine, it displays pages with search results. Alongwith search results, it also shows some advertisements (Ads) on top, bottom and to the side of these search results. These ads are being shown via AdWords. Google's AdWords is the best pay-per-click program available in the market today. While it takes SEO+SEM strategy to be shown in the first page of Google Search results, AdWords help your Ad being shown on the first page almost immediately to those who are actively searching for products or services of yours!

Apart from PPC (pay-per-click), Google! also offers PPM (pay-per-mille) and PPA (pay-per-acquisition) types of campaigns in AdWords. In PPC, you will be charged on per-click basis. Only when someone clicks on your ad will you be charged. PPC is the most targeted campaign type because your Ad is being shown to the web visitors who are actively searching for products or services that your business offers. In PPM, you will be charged based on the number of times your Ad has been shown (impressions) in the Google! Display Network, say Rs. x for 1000 impressions. PPM is used mainly for branding purposes. PPA is an advanced campaign method.

Our experience says that the success of an AdWords Campaign lies in:

  • Understanding Client's Business and Online marketing goals
  • Figuring out whether AdWords can help achieve Client's requirements
  • If so, figuring out whether to use PPC or PPM or PPA Campaigns
  • Understanding the demographics, devices, times & locations to target
  • Studying the competitors of the Client & what marketing methods they are using
  • Using proven strategies to bring better return on Client's investment (ROI)
  • Best methods to follow during various phases of the Campaign lifecycle
  • Continually fine-tuning the Campaign for best performance
  • Understand the reasons for sudden fluctuations in Campaign performance and handle them gracefully
  • Quantify how an AdWords Campaign has helped Client's business, at the end of the Campaign.

Till end of Nov 2013, Google! offers Rs. 2000 for you to use, if you spend at least Rs. 500 on your first Campaign. Avail yourself of this great offer in order to kickstart your PPC Campaign and see the difference yourself!

(If you are looking for SEO/SEM Packages instead, please visit our Web Site Marketing page)

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